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The first asteroid to be discovered on the 1st January, , Ceres is considered a dwarf planet, so it is on a par with Pluto! To the ancient Egyptians, Ceres was known as Isis. In astrology, Ceres can represent what we need to feel loved and nurtured, like the moon. This is also the area where you can easily provide love and comfort. This asteroid can also represent custody issues around children too, including abduction….

The Glyph Of Ceres.

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Discovered next was Pallas, or Pallas Athene, third largest asteroid. Pallas can be interpreted as our creative intellect and efforts.

In astrology, Pallas can be an indicator of wisdom, intelligence and healing. She is a tomboy, that harnesses a more male energy, embodying the warrior archetype.

She is a daughter born when a boy was wanted. Pallas shows where you have genius qualities in your chart — although you may doubt yourself. The Glyph Of Pallas.

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While scientists just think of these celestial bodies as big rocks that fall into orbit around the Sun, astrologers know that asteroids can impact our lives in a big way. And we're not talking about when they collide with Earth!

The Asteroid Signs

It's becoming quite common in Western Astrology to study the influence of asteroids when interpreting Astrology charts. There are too many asteroids out there to include them all, of course, so it's typically the five larger asteroids that you'll read about in your horoscope. Master Astrologer Rick Levine said there are about 10, asteroids that NASA tracks carefully, and that if you go by the premise in quantum physics that everything in the universe is connected to everything else, it's logical to presume that even obscure asteroids could play a role in Astrology.

Pallas Athena- The Champion in our Chart

Take a look at the five most common asteroids astrologers use when interpreting your horoscope, and find out how they influence people and events:. She was the goddess of hearth, when a baby was born she was the goddess they would ask to bless it and protect the home. In every city and home in Rome there was a sacred fire made to Vesta that was protected and not allowed to go out.

Astrologers use Vesta to determine what it is that you are devoted to and how your sexuality will develop. Vesta, having been a protective virgin goddess is said by some to be an influencer of the sign Virgo , this is accepted by many in the astrological community, but many prefer to instead of calling the influence an outright rulership an "affinity" or simply do not support this claim. It also seems to bear influence over Scorpio.

After the first four asteroids were discovered, there wouldn't be another discovered for 38 years Astraea. The first four gained popularity as full-fledged planets, but the rapid development of telescopes led to new asteroids being frequently discovered in what is now known as the main-belt. Some astronomers grouped the first 10 asteroids alongside the first four asteroids as planets until the reclassification that was decided upon after the discovery of Hygiea, the 10th known asteroid.

This asteroid was the 10th discovered and is fourth in mass ranking. In mythology Hygiea was the feminine part and the consort of Asclepios, the Greek god of medicine and a mythological healer strongly connected to the Solar cult of Apollo.

Asteroid Numbers

It seems that Hygiea rules the health practices and is integrated into medical astrology, but in her negative side has something to bring in cases of depression and anxiety of a higher level than usual. The status of Hygiea is practically unknown at the moment in western astrology. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This is a dynamic list and may never be able to satisfy particular standards for completeness.

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