Analytic number theory in honor of helmut maier 12 birthday

Harper, Glyn Harman, D. Lapidus, Oleg Lazarev, Andrew H.

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Analytic Number Theory

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Carl Pomerance

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Hu and C. Pomerance, Involve , , — On sets of integers which are both sum-free and product-free , P. Anavi, P. Pomerance, IJNT , 9 , — On a problem of Arnold: the average multiplicative order of a given integer , P. Pomerance, Algebra and Number Theory , 7 , — Sets of monotonicity for Euler's totient function , P.

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    Pomerance, in Analytic number theory, modular forms and q-hypergeometric series — in honor of Krishna Alladi's 60th birthday , G. Andrews and F. Garvan, eds. Squarefree smooth numbers and Euclidean prime generators , A. Show More. Average Review. Write a Review.

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