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When it comes to your ultra-famous sweet tooth, flavors like Cotton Candy and Chocolate Pudding are on your list. Your sign's love of duality didn't happen by accident. You may never go back to the liquid version again! Home-loving Cancer likes to be reminded of domestic bliss. And what's more blissful than memories of trees -- climbing branches with your brothers and sisters, or sitting under the leaves? Bring back those feelings with fruit-flavored jellybeans: apples, plums or lemons. If you were a raspberry or blueberry picker on weekends, those would suit you too. Oh, have one of everything!

Like your Aries cousins, you're fire, ruled by the fieriest heavenly body of all: the Sun. So you're also quite fond of anything that gets the adrenaline running full speed through your veins. That applies to jellybeans in the equally fiery flavors you adore. Try cinnamon and Sizzling Cinnamon, both as hot as your planet.

But since you're also a big fan of the movies, the scent and taste of Buttered Popcorn jellybeans certainly won't disagree with you. Your sign belongs to the earth, so if a jellybean's flavor reminds you of the sweetest things our lovely planet has to offer, you're in -- and the more natural the better. Obviously, you'll be drawn to try Green Apple, Pink Grapefruit and Red Apple, but don't be afraid to mix in a handful of plum, lemon, and regular apple.

Think of it as having a taste of the best of the bunch! Lucky you! You were born with charm, magnetism and an insatiable love for sweets, thanks to your affinity with the Goddess of Love and Sweetness, Venus herself. So it's easy to see how Venus would influence you to prefer flavors, textures and qualities just as sweet.

When it's jellybeans in particular you're after, choose a big bag of Tutti-Frutti or Strawberry Shortcake. Oh, and toss in a handful of Chocolate Pudding. Remember, the sweeter the better. Forget what the astronomers say. In Astrology Land, Pluto is very much a planet -- your planet -- who is still quite powerful and quite potent. You still pay homage to him in different ways -- most of them involving the color black -- so when it comes to sweet treats that aren't devil's food cake, you'll opt for licorice -- and when it comes to jellybeans, only licorice will do.

If you don't like that taste, you'll go for the other classic plutonian power color -- red -- and order up a full bag of Very Cherry. If it's rich, opulent and way too good to be legal, you'll want it, Sag -- and you'll want lots of it.

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  4. Your philosophy has always been that if one is good, twenty must be very good -- but failing quantity, the ethnic or exotic will work. Thank goodness, then, that they've begun making jellybeans in flavors like Crushed Pineapple, coconut, Toasted Marshmallow and mango -- everything that will remind you of either your last cruise or the trip to the islands you're packing for right now. The phrase "no frills" was definitely written for your sign, Capricorn, but it had nothing to do with bad quality. It simply meant that cutting back on expenses could be done while still producing exactly what was needed to satisfy the buyer -- exactly being the operative word.

    When it comes to something as simple as jellybeans -- and you adore simplicity -- the tastes you aim for are the ones that remind you of what they should taste like: lemon, licorice, cherry, lime, lemon You've always been pleased with them. And by the way, your no-frills attitude hasn't hurt you yet, has it?

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    If it's what everyone else is eating, drinking, wearing or dancing to, Aquarius, you'll disdain it with a passion. Your mission is to be different, and it really and truly doesn't matter what you have to do to prove that fact to the masses.


    So even when it comes to something as simple as your choice of jellybeans, in your brilliant cerebral mind, the point won't be taste -- the point will be choosing something different. Who's ever heard of Wild Blackberry or Dr. Pepper-flavored jellybeans?

    Nobody, right? That's all you needed to hear. Your sign is the heaven's expert at escape, and there's no more pleasant escape than the thought of being adrift on a sunny, isolated island not during hurricane season and enjoying the tastes that will bring you there. Well, Pisces, one great way to get there is to grab a bagful of jellybeans.

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    And while you're savoring those tasty treats, close your eyes and be there. C'mon, you're a Pisces! If anyone can transport themselves, you can. See what's coming up for you with a personal Day Astrology Forecast from Tarot.

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