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It's important that you take time to do the things you love, because when both Mars and Venus enter Libra the sign of balance and partnerships on Friday, September 14 , emotional labor will be on your mind. You're naturally encouraged to protect those you love, dear crab, but who is taking care of you? On Wednesday, September 18 , Saturn ends its retrograde and goes direct in professional Capricorn.

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This transit lights up your seventh house of partnerships, asking you to look at the scales in your personal and professional relationships and ask if you're giving more than others. It may be time to cut people off who are starting to feel like blood-sucking vampires. On the very next day, Thursday, September 19 , warrior Mars in Virgo trines ruler of the underworld Pluto.

This only happens once this year and is a reminder to go out there and get what you want. Celebrate the fall equinox, and the start of Libra season, on Monday, September Libra is ruled by Venus, the goddess of love and abundance. Whether it's money or love, Venus wants us to have it all. Connect with Venus by dressing as decadently as you like and cutting off anyone who is using you. Before taking any major decision make a point to counsel to parents or seniors if you would prefer not to confront problematic situations in the near future.

You will get some amazing projects from global organizations however avoid new business partnerships during this period. Make an attempt to adhere to your present place of employment In the light of the fact that this month is not ideal to change current job likewise try not to begin a new job because you could face certain dark situations. Boss and seniors will be very supportive throughout thus there are good chances for promotion and appraisal during this month. Love and Marriage: This month supports love relations, both existing and new. October is the ideal time to open up your emotions in front of that person.

You both will cherish a beautiful time of your life and will love investing quality energy in each other. There will be a space for plentiful of lovey-dovey moments such as long drives, coffee and dinner dates, romantic movie nights and so forth! It is possible that you might have been attempting since quite a while to do so, but were unable to gather courage. October will infuse fearlessness in you thus enabling you to free yourself from such toxic relationship.

This month does not support marital relationships by any stretch of imagination.

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You will face certain disheartening moments which will turn you down mentally and emotionally. In order to pacify the situation, make an attempt not to let any third person interfere in your personal matters otherwise the situation could turn out to be even horrible and there are odds of divorce as well so it is prudent to work towards betterment if your relationship in the event you would prefer not to part ways with your partner for the rest of your life.

Money and Finance: This month favors finances. In case any of your past payment was stuck, it will be cleared during this month.

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You will spend a noteworthy sum on different mediums of entertainment. Make a point to not to lend money to anyone during this month. You will place assets in a land or property as an investment purpose. A descent part of your income will go towards house renovation and furnishing.

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