January 23 astrology soul mate

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January 2012 Astrological Love Forecast

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Love Horoscope for January | Glamour

Log in here. Thanks, but no thanks. No, thanks I'm already a PureWow fan. No, thanks I hate pretty things. But our take? True love is written in the stars.

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Enter: a relentlessly devoted Scorpio who will always support your most zany and harebrained ideas. Your high intellect loves their depth and candor, and your problem-solving skills are perfectly suited for keeping them in check. Another happy match? Traditional white wedding for these two?

Personality Traits and Romantic Compatibility of Sun Signs

No, thanks. Enter: compassionate Cancers, who are thoughtful listeners, considerate sharers and adore your love for romance. Their highly caring nature is also a great asset, since your sensitivity often leads to misplaced jealousy with less nurturing signs. On the flipside, a Sagittarius partner will actually match your spark-like zeal for life.

Want to quit your jobs and drive across the country in a Winnebago?

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This fireball will call shottie. Just remember, somebody has to be the grown-up. So take stock of your goals before throwing caution to the wind. Cancers, who share your reliability and love for rooting into homebody pleasures think, a night in with Netflix in lieu of a cocktail party , are another natural match. Their soft, caring nature can handle your stubbornness, and your decision-making and tough-when-she-needs-to-be skillset will help them reach their full potential.

So anyone who belittles the importance of your many friendships and creative pursuits is just not going to work. Which is why Aquarius partners, who value independence as much as you do, make such an ideal mate: You both know that the secret to a healthy relationship lies in time spent apart. Like you, loving Cancer, Scorpios wear their hearts on the sleeves.

Emotionally and romantically straightforward, there will never be any silent treatments or wondering where you stand with this match. With the number 23 influence, you, can learn new subjects easily but may prefer practice to theory. You are fond of travel, adventure, and meeting new people; the restlessness implied by the number 23 urges you to try many different kinds of experiences, and you are apt to make the most of any situation.

Generally friendly and fun-loving, with courage and drive, you may need an active life in order to actualize your true potential. The subinfluence of the number 1 month indicates that you are autonomous, enthusiastic, and original. Although you have an independent and progressive outlook, you can benefit greatly from collaborating with others. By creating a harmonious atmosphere, you are able to relax and achieve inner peace.

You may, however, have to overcome a tendency to be stubborn or inflexible about emotional issues. Friendly and receptive, you are a humanitarian with a good understanding of people. A need for variety and a tendency to become restless imply that you benefit from the company of mentally stimulating people who can keep you interested in new and progressive ideas. Since you have plenty of love to give, you benefit from finding the right kind of person who can appreciate your sensitivity. A need to find a channel for expression can help you be creative and avoid fluctuating moods, which cause you to sulk or be difficult.

Even though you are usually loyal in relationships, you still need the freedom to be yourself. For love, devotion, and happiness, you might have more chances with those born on the following dates.

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January 23 Zodiac

March 12 Zodiac Birthday Signs - Congenial and charming, with youthful charisma, you are a…. Zodiac Signs. By Raquel Salles - 2 years ago. Your Secret Self Although you can work hard and be responsible, you also need variety and change in your life; otherwise, you may become impatient or restless.