Sun in gemini astrology

The Capricorn Moon is asking us to take something serious for the next few days and focus on upcoming work or goals. Where ever Capricorn is in your chart will tell you more details. For example if Capricorn starts in your 9th house then your focus will be about learning and expending your knowledge. At am ET Mercury also enters Gemini.

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So within 4 hours we have 3 planets changing signs and that is significant. So how does this play out? The Gemini planets are fun, talkative and ready to socialize. When the Sun and Mercury are in Gemini they are super analytical and full of information to share.

Gemini Sun Sign Personality

This is why we know this sign to be such a talker and has the illusion of not being able to make up their minds. This is because there is so much information out there we just want to share it all and can see both sides of a subject. Sometimes we overdo it though and people think we are a know it all or flakey.

I have been accused of that in my life.

Yes I am a Gemini. While all this happening, the planets changing signs, the Moon will make a hard aspect to the Sun and Mercury very early in the morning here in the US, if you live the UK or Europe you will feel this during your midday. The feeling we get from this connection is one of adjustment, we need to stay flexible during the few hours these planets are connected. Be serious when you need to be then allow the mutable energy of Gemini to take over.

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At am ET the Sun and Mercury will be exactly conjunct and begin their new 2 month cycle of communication and information gathering. If you have any emotions that are building up I recommend to you move through them. Do what is best for your style of emoting. If we are holding back our feelings during a transit like this then it could show up suddenly or outside of us, meaning some else could blow up at you. AT the Moon will trine Uranus and that will shake off any leftover emotions that may be lingering so as to help us move into new emotional territory.

Sun in Gemini Horoscope

So wow what a day. Stay open, flexible and be honest with yourself. Taurus with an ascendant in Gemini is diligent and helpful. Truth about fundamental, theoretical questions they speak not very willingly; Their mind is directed at the problems of life. Here they easily search for beneficial offers, they have skillful hands, which allows them to save on maintenance; They know how to find out where gasoline is at least a penny cheaper, and they will go there if the path is not too far.

These are excellent workers if they are provided with remuneration for work, and they always find such an opportunity. Their skill can be well-used, and on occasion they can show perseverance. However, they willingly interrupt work; Life without pleasure - thank you very much, only without me!

Everyone is ready to join such a vital position. Probably, reading about yourself in ordinary astrological books, you found there a lot of unpleasant things.

Sun in Gemini - Zodiac Signs

Of course, you can easily agree that you are characterized by stubbornness and a love for good food and comfort, but inflexibility, methodicalness and love of order? This is because you have a lot from the volatile, adaptable and eccentric Gemini.

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This combination of signs makes you kind, executive, honest and humane. You easily fall into anxiety and irritation, although it is just as easy and calming down. Your anger can be very violent, but you are always ready to apologize. You are inventive, well-informed, flexible and attentive. You are talkative when developing your favorite topic, otherwise you can be withdrawn and nervous if you are forced to talk. Hidden and silent, you will never be frank with the first counter.

You find solitude very tonic and always take the opportunity to retire from the hustle and bustle. While most people have developed either logic or intuition, both of these principles can coexist in you, depending on your mood. If you obey your forebodings, you will be lucky. Other people think that you are difficult to understand, but you are of the same opinion. In your family often there were quarrels, and, probably, it was difficult for you to get along with your father. Nevertheless, the reason for your bad luck lies in yourself, and you must clearly understand this.

Make sure that you are smart about the intelligence that nature has given you. In many ways, this combination of signs can be dangerous. You have eloquence, the victim of which are others.


You appear to be a very informed person, and only when a specialist has the misfortune to arrange you cross-examination, you are lost. However, you are well protected, and it is difficult to get to all the hiding places of your character.

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In fact, you are not a very deep person and are satisfied with the superficial perception of people, situations and knowledge. As soon as others recognize you, they begin to understand that you are talking about things that you have a poor idea about. You are too lazy to find out the real facts, and are too mysterious when it comes to your deepest feelings. God knows what you think of yourself when you appear so eccentric, but you rarely let the people that make up your immediate surroundings close.