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The time between 12 pm and pm is a good time for you to take care of any important tasks.

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Click here for a more personalised reading. Being sensitive and reserved, you are also a hoarder. You do not like to be insecure about your future and so make sure there is enough money for the rainy days. The Moon in Aquarius will make you feel relaxed about your future today as you will be in one of those moods when everything looks perfect to you.

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Your generosity will overflow and you will help anyone who turns to you for assistance. Student Cancers will help others with their projects, women will help others with their chores and Cancer employees will be in a magnanimous mood. Avoiding the colour yellow would do you a lot of good.

Also, the time between am and am will prove lucky for you on this day. You have always been a generous person, Cancer and willingly share what is in your plate, with others, even if that was not enough for you.

Daily Cancer Horoscope, Wednesday, 9 October 12222

The world needs more people like you. The Moon in Aquarius will bestow a happy state of mind on you today, as some people who you have been helping with your small gestures, have managed to stand on their own feet and are grateful to you for the same. You can attribute this to your nurturing nature.

Empowering others, not only gives you more confidence in your own self, but also lots of happiness. Whatever you do remember that any important task must be accomplished between pm and pm for optimal results. Wearing anything Golden in colour will prove to be lucky for you today.

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    Talk is cheap on Saturday, but the results could be more than you bargained for as chatty Mercury faces off with foggy Neptune in your over-optimistic ninth house. Read the fine print before rushing into any offers, too.

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    You could be gullible or easily swayed by a smooth talker. Check in with yourself on Sunday: Did you bite off more than you can chew again? Instead of burning the midnight oil to get it done—and winding up exhausted and resentful—embrace the power of partnership.