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The twins purportedly found immortality as part of a constellation.

When Hercules was fighting the monster called the hydra , the goddess sent down a giant crab to help defeat the Greek hero. Instead of being turned into a humongous crab cake, the crab was placed in the sky to honor its valor in battle. The Greeks associated the constellation with their harvest goddess Demeter.

Can Your Zodiac Sign Change? Get The Facts Here

Sometimes the scales are considered to be held by the Roman goddess Astraea, associated with justice. Orion apparently claimed he would kill every creature on Earth. The Olympian gods, not too keen on this notion, summoned a giant scorpion to kill him. The two fought so long and hard that both were placed in the heavens to honor their toughness.

This imagery dates back to ancient times, but emerges in Greek myth as a goat or nymph who was the nurse-maid for the infant Zeus.

Can Your Zodiac Sign Change? Here’s What Astrologists Say

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Dates, Dates, and More Dates

Aries: April 18 — May Taurus: May 13 — June Gemini: June 21 — July Cancer: July 20 — Aug Leo: Aug 10 — Sept Virgo: Sept 16 — Oct Libra: Oct 30 — Nov Scorpio: Nov 23 — Nov Ophiuchus: Nov 29 — Dec Sagittarius: Dec 17 — Jan Oh yeah, let's talk about ol' Ophiuchus, shall we? NASA sneakily added a 13th zodiac sign a while back, like's it no big thing. Ancient astrologers decided to ditch this particular constellation at the time in order for the 12 other signs to divide equally around the sun.

What happens when your zodiac sign changes?

But now we guess it's back in the game, and so if you were born between the 29th of November and the 17th December NASA reported that because the Earth's axis has changed, the constellations are no longer in the same place they were thousands of years ago. Essentially, what they're saying is that astrology is not the same as astronomy. Glad that's cleared up, then.

Have the Zodiac Sign Dates Changed? - Zodiac Signs

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